Svaroopa® Yoga Poses: With Support, Comes Release

Svaroopa® Yoga uses supports and proper alignments for opening and release from the tailbone up the spine. These are only a few of the many poses that Svaroopa® Yoga has to offer.

Come to a class to learn the poses. Then have a daily home practice to maintain the openings you receive in class. These are pictures of Yogi Steve doing a home practice.

This a good, complete, starting sequence for a home practice:

svaroopa yoga's slow motion dive pose svaroopa yoga's slow motion dive pose

Slow Motion Dive Pose


  svaroopa yoga's crook't leg posesvaroopa yoga's crook't leg pose

Crook't Leg Pose


getting into svaroopa yoga's lunge pose svaroopa yoga's lunge pose



svaroopa yoga's rotated stomach pose

Rotated Stomach Pose